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Meet Chris
Reality Academy Graduate
Chris is a bona fide genius who had a huge tendency to overthink, over-analyze and over-complicate things. Reality Academy taught him to simplify, create peace in his life and get in touch with his emotions in a useful, constructive way. Watch the video to hear about his incredible journey and, of course, his manifestations!  
Meet Jennifer
Reality Academy Graduate
Jennifer had always had massive control issues, which were making her life much harder than it needed to be. The teachings as well as the community gave her the tools and the space she needed to relax, to stop pushing, and to let go of control. She now feels at peace, and that her life has opened up in awesome ways she couldn’t have ever anticipated. 
Meet Giula
Coaching Client
Giulia has a highly intellectual background, and a scientific mind. The intellectual understanding of the process, as well as measurable, repeatable results, were paramount for her.
Watch the video to hear how the same approach you'll learn in Reality Academy changed her life!
Meet Michelle
Reality Academy Graduate
Michelle is a bit of an introvert and former control freak, who wasn’t comfortable speaking up in a group, but found that she benefited greatly from the questions asked by others. Throughout the course, she learned to let go of her iron-clad control and attained vibrational stability.
Watch the video to hear about her amazing experience! 
Meet Zoe
Reality Academy Graduate
Zoe is a 21-year old college student who felt that enrolling in Reality Academy was a “no-brainer”. Because of the course, she’s been able to finally set boundaries in her life, and feels that she finally understands how the Universe works. 
Meet David
Reality Academy Graduate
"One year after Reality Academy, everything looks different. The path from A to B certainly hasn't been a straight line, but it has been a "leveling up" like I've never experienced before. The course gave me the tools to put into everyday practice the intentional application of LoA, and I'm forever changed as a result. 
During the course, I had identified freedom and abundance as the two feelings I wanted to manifest. I'm now preparing to leave the job that I felt trapped in and looking forward in the next few months to pursuing some personal interests. Even better, a really exciting business opportunity has appeared and I'm confident that my days of cubicle dwelling are forever done!
With those basics handled, I believe I'm ready to really start having fun with this. The next incarnation of Reality Academy is going to be a blast!
Thank you for being teachers, co-creators, and the catalysts for so much good in my reality. "

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